Flutter, Google’s mobile app development framework, allows you to create native Android, iOS, and web apps with the same set of code. There are dozens of reasons to choose Flutter over other mobile app development frameworks such as React Native or Xamarin.

Here are 10 of them :

1) Hot Reload

One of the most significant features of Flutter is Hot Reload. This feature speeds up development by allowing developers to see changes made in code without having to recompile and redeploy their app. This means that you can quickly iterate on your design and see the results on a device or emulator immediately without needing to go back through multiple steps each time. Also, check out the best flutter development practices.

2) expressive and flexible UIs

The expressive and flexible UIs make it perfect for crafting beautiful mobile apps. It's also cross-platform, so you can use the same codebase to build your app for both iOS and Android. This eliminates a lot of hassle as well as the need to maintain two separate codebases. Plus, it's easy to debug because you're using one language.

3) native performance

Flutter is a new mobile app SDK with native performance, which makes it an excellent choice for building the next generation of mobile apps. With Flutter, you can deliver what users want and expect from a modern app with smooth and responsive UI, buttery-smooth scrolling, and fast load times. 

Flutter lets you build beautiful, high-performance apps that work on Android, iOS, and the web from a single codebase.

4) access to native features and SDKs

Flutter uses a language called Dart, which compiles down to native code for each platform you want your app to run on. It is possible, and in some cases preferable, to use the native SDKs from iOS or Android as part of a Flutter project. In this way, you get full access to all of the native features and SDKs of each platform.

5) complete control over the widget set

Flutter is an open-source framework that allows developers with complete control over the widget set. This means they can choose the widgets they want and customize them as they see fit. Developers also have a lot of control over animations, which makes it much easier to create smooth and responsive apps.

6) single codebase for multiple platforms

Flutter lets you create a single codebase that can be compiled into native Android and iOS apps. You can also use it to create apps for the web or desktop. There's no need to go through the painful process of maintaining separate codebases, which means less time spent doing manual labor and more time spent innovating.

7) extensive plugin support

Flutter has a huge repository of plugins that make it easy to add features like push notifications, in-app purchases, and more. These plugins are updated often and are free with any purchase of the software. you can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as well as Dart developers who want access to lower-level APIs can do so with a little coding experience.

8) a wide range of tools and libraries

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK which uses the Dart programming language. It provides a toolkit of pre-built, customizable UI elements, along with a framework that makes it easy to construct your own. With Flutter, you can build beautiful native interfaces that run on iOS and Android in record time.

9) active and supportive community

Flutter has an active and supportive community that welcomes everyone. With a large, engaged group of both experts and beginners, you’ll always find someone who knows the answer or is willing to help. Like other frameworks such as React Native, Flutter was built by a team at Google. So there's no shortage of tutorials on how to use it and more are popping up every day. 

Flutter uses Material Design which will feel very familiar if you're already using Android Studio. So if you've had some experience with Android development before, you should have no problem jumping into Flutter!

10) backed by Google

The Google-backed mobile app development platform, Flutter, is free and open-source. With a single codebase that can be shared across Android and iOS, it's a great choice for any company with a diverse set of users. Plus, with its high performance and beautiful UI framework, your app will look stellar in the marketplace.


The bottom line is if you have the skills and expertise to build a great app, then use those. But if you don't have the time or the patience, then Hire flutter developers and let them do it for you. It's worth it! Not only are they saving you money, but they're providing solutions that work across many different devices. When hiring flutter developers, be sure to find out how long they've been doing this type of development as well as what types of projects they've worked on in the past. Also, be sure to talk with them about your budget and any deadlines that need to be met before moving forward with their services.