Developers are identified as the most challenging job to find and retain in the job market, mainly due to the high demand for these roles, with just 1.71% of professional developers actively seeking work while unemployed. Startups must go beyond conventional methods of hiring developers to ensure success in a high-value-added field where other giant technology companies are currently operating.

It is imperative to follow a systematic and considered approach to defining the right technology stack and hiring in a thoughtful and considered manner.

For the sake of helping you hire dedicated developers for your business, we have outlined the steps that will help you go through the hiring process step by step.

What are the best methods to find developers for a startup?

It is essential to consider several things before you start to hire web developers for your startup. The following are the main steps you need to follow to hire app developers for your startup:

Identify what you're building.

To find developers for your startup, you must first understand your project.

You must focus more than just the technical aspects of this like about the mission and the values underpinning the program. There is a growing trend among millennials, particularly when wanting to join a company with a culture they can honestly believe in.

Decide if you want in-house or outsourced developers.

A startup can choose the type of employment for its developers based upon its needs - whether you are looking for a software development company, hire offshore developers, or in-house developers who work remotely or from the office. 

A better solution is to hire offshore developers on a project basis so you can set a fixed fee and pay them that amount throughout their contract rather than paying them a salary each month. 

When you are an early-stage business looking for greater flexibility, consider hiring a staff of software developers from a specialized firm so that they can help you support your changing requirements as your business grows. 

Create a budget

To hire developers, you must budget appropriately, regardless of whether your startup is doing well with finance or in a tight budget. Selecting a skilled and reputable developer should be one of many considerations when deciding on budget. Despite fierce competition, IT giants are more innovative than startups, so they continue to prevail despite the benefits and incentives offered by IT giants.

Develop a job description.

Identify the type of developer that you are seeking before posting a job posting. With the help of more specific search parameters, you can obtain better search results. Developers are different from database developers.

The best job description starts with a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the job, followed by the skills you are looking in your developers.

Make a shortlist of the best candidates.

In the traditional screening process, neither a cost-effective nor an efficient method can be used to screen applicants. As soon as you start looking through the list, talented developers might have received other offers before you even start reading.

Using modern HR solutions, you can screen candidates proactively and shortlist those who fit the job description. Since each developer brings unique skills to the table, it is always easier to shortlist developers based on their strengths and evaluate their reliability based on your needs.

Set up the first call.

Choosing the right developer starts with a good first impression. The first email you send should be compelling enough to stimulate the interest of top talent in joining your company. Establish your expectations and explain the benefits that you can provide.

Getting developers on board

When you complete all the requirements at the time of creating your checklist, you will be able to begin the onboarding process of the same. During this phase, you will be required to explain the dynamics of the working requirements of your project. It is necessary to streamline the work expected from the developer in this process and to ensure they have no doubts about it.


The hiring of developers is a difficult task for early-stage startups. To locate the best developer for their team, entrepreneurs need more room to move to find the right developer. By following these steps, you'll be able to find the perfect candidate.

If you are thinking about hiring the services of an experienced software development company and working with an experienced team of developers, they can also be the right solution for the development project.