Apps for mobile devices go beyond the realms of communication, gaming, and food delivery and spread to a wide range of fields, and Education App Development is no exception. In recent years, online learning has reached every age group.

Simply put, an education app can be defined as an application that can provide distance learning capabilities and is accessible at any time and from any place.

Statistics from Statista report that in 2022 the e-learning market was $243 billion and is expected to surge well above the boundaries. For further guidance, consulting with an eLearning app development company is always a better option, as they will assist you in developing feature-rich e-Learning solutions that allow you to spread education across the globe.

Here we will uncover the must-have features in the eLearning app that ease the way to educate people.

The current market for eLearning app development

Embarking on eLearning app development requires enterprises to pay attention to several things. In terms of its market value, the eLearning market is predicted to reach $400 billion at its peak by 2026 worldwide. 

Increased internet penetration has also led to more mobile apps being downloaded. Since the pandemic, students have used e-learning apps to learn and employees to stay on top of their training and jobs. A 20% CAGR is recorded for the e-learning market in 2021, estimated to reach $315 billion. According to forecasts, the market is expected to reach $1 trillion between 2022 and 2028.

Main Features Of eLearning Apps

No doubt, eLearning apps have taken education to the next level. Do you know why such apps are hiting the market? That is its highly interactive features. Here we have compiled a list of must-have features for an eLearning application to spread the word about education and educational centers. 

A great UI/UX design

When planning to acquire education app development services for your education centre, the first thing that should come to mind is creating a user-friendly interface for the application. The best apps for users provide a great user experience and an excellent user interface, and business apps are no different. An engaging interface must be included in the app, a good color scheme, and icons and menus must respond quickly.

Separate Test Panel

Plan to integrate a test and quiz panel. Candidates used to take exams before the institute began conducting exams, and a similar process can also be carried out online. Establishing a separate test/quiz panel can assist students with giving exams and assessing the performance of their exams.

Push Notification

Online apps have become increasingly dependent on push notifications. Businesses can send push notifications to inform customers about their products & services, app updates, recent posts, etc. Users can access it directly from the notification tab on their smartphones, and engaging users with an app is made easier.

Multilingual Support

To be compatible with a global audience, an eLearning app should support at least five languages, which is typical of a global audience. For an app to be successful, it must be able to support many languages for a wide audience. Multilingual support will make it easier for international users to learn how to use the app correctly and understand it.

Live Tutorials

A live tutorial or session is a surefire way for students to address their grievances. Live sessions can be held by instructors or faculty to answer queries. In addition, teachers and students can have a classroom where they can discuss a subject. By doing so, you are completing the communication cycle.


eLearning apps connect better with users when they offer customization. Their target audience's age group can be customized for eLearning apps to provide a seamless learning experience. The use of eLearning apps by different ages is increasing, and personalization of the apps might include things like mock tests, report cards, custom learning programs, etc.

Search Option

There is no doubt that your app needs a search feature. A user wants to spend less time finding something in an app. You can provide your users with a search option that can assist them in finding what they are looking for within seconds. Consequently, they will be more interested in using your app, and you may earn a loyal customer.

Interactive Content

Simple black text will not attract users to the app. When developing an app for eLearning, it is essential always to ensure interactive content is included. Adding graphs, images, and videos will make your content more engaging and easier to understand by making it more visually appealing. Engaging your student with interactive content can actually makes a difference. 


Technological advancements have helped the eLearning field grow rapidly over the years. Best eLearning apps continue to add features and upgrade with consistency! To make the learning process interesting and enjoyable for their students, the team aims to provide a seamless learning experience. For this to happen, the features listed above must be integrated correctly. For those of you planning to develop educational apps for students, it is essential to remember that your app must integrate the most sought-after features to stand out.