Firstline benefits apps are designed to help employees understand their benefits and find the best options to fit their needs. This simple benefit app provides a clear overview of health plan options, what the plans cover, and how much employees will pay out-of-pocket for services that are not covered by the plan. 

A first-line benefits app allows employees to choose from one of four different health plans, including dental and vision coverage, saving them time and effort in looking into all four on their own. Employees also get access to on-the-go tools, such as open enrollment reminders, providing them with more control over their benefits than ever before.

What is a First Line Mobile App? 

A first-line mobile app is designed to reduce costs and increase employee engagement by providing employees with easy access to benefits information through their mobile devices. This type of benefit application can range from offering corporate news, vacation balances, and personal info such as medical information or emergency contacts. 

It offers multiple benefits to app owners and developers. Implementing a first-line benefits app is an affordable way for businesses that are looking to cut down on administrative costs while improving employee satisfaction rates.

Best Firstline Benefits App for Android & iOS

1) Faster Sign up 

- Faster sign-ups: Employees are more likely to sign up if they can do it in minutes instead of days or weeks, which creates better employee engagement.

- Less administrative burden: You'll have less work to do as the administrator, reducing your workload and freeing up time to focus on other things.

2) Faster claims submissions

Firstline benefit is a mobile app that allows employers to quickly and easily submit claims for their employees. The idea is simple - make it easier to submit claims so that benefits don't fall behind.

It's not uncommon that an employee will wait weeks before they're able to submit their claim and get reimbursed, but with our app, they can do this in minutes. This means they can get reimbursed faster, spend less time on paperwork, and more time doing what they enjoy the most.

3) Better customer experience

A business app can help improve customer experience and streamline the workflow process. Customers have access to company benefits, and they don't have to wait on hold or talk to an agent. 

Plus, there is no need to update paper documents in order to make changes.

An app can also help you save time and money by consolidating information in one place and making it easier for employees who are often on the go.

4) Efficient Employee Verification

One of the most time-consuming aspects of verifying an employee is when you have to call them and ask them to verify their employment. This can be difficult if the person is on vacation, out sick, or otherwise unavailable. With a first-line benefits app employees can easily log in to verify their employment in real-time. Plus, this eliminates any need for your HR department to contact those employees who are not currently available.

5) Less paperwork and no duplicate data entry

A first-line benefits app can eliminate the need for paperwork and reduce the amount of time spent on data entry. For example, many times there are several forms that need to be filled out by different departments or offices. 

With an app, you would only have to fill out one form which would then be sent to the appropriate department or office. This saves time and reduces paperwork.

6) Live Chat 

A live chat app is an easy way to help your customers and provide them with the information they need. They can connect with you in real-time, and you can offer a wide range of services that they might need. This includes:

- Providing answers to their questions or concerns

- Helping them manage their benefits 

- Accessing self-service tools like enrollment or password reset 

- Getting general help with the app

7) Balance Checking & Easy Service Cancellation

  • Balance Checking - With an app on your phone, you will be able to check your account balance or payment status at any time.
  • Easy Service Cancellation - Knowing that it is so easy to cancel service means you won't have to worry about forgetting to do it in time. If you are not satisfied with the product, canceling will be as simple as opening up the app and clicking the delete button.

How does the Frontline app work? 

FirstLine is an app that employees can download to their phones. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, In order to streamline the app operational processes hire Android app developers that ensure to opt for the right technology and functionalities. 

The first line links to the company benefits portal and provides them with information on how much they have left in their medical spending account, any current balances, out-of-pocket maximums, and other pertinent information.

The app also has a convenient way to access important documents from your company's portal such as health insurance plans, 401k plans, life insurance policies, and more.


A first-line benefits app is an extremely helpful tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to employee relations. The app can be used to help you communicate with employees and improve their understanding of the company's benefits. The app also helps make the process more streamlined by having all the necessary information available on one device.